A new year brings new faces and change to 1UP Stuidos.

As we move into 2018, we’re evolving our goals, saying goodbye to friends, and welcoming some new faces. Esports is an ever changing industry and as the industry grows, so does its talent.


Videographer Roster Shuffle

Recently two staff members from 1UP Studios transitioned into new homes. Logan now resides as VP Director of Post-Production at Faze Clan, while Gabe is heading the charge as Senior Producer at 100 Thieves! These two found roles that enable their leadership skills and allow them to build teams of their own. We are excited to see teams take content and video production more seriously this year. Competition breeds innovation and pushes the boundaries in the industry.



New Friends

Our brand new 1UP Studios members in Olivia Gastaldo and Mike “Vidol” Concepcion bring in-house two power-house content creators. Olivia Gastaldo joins us from Riot Games while Michael Concepcion is making the move from Cloud9. They both come with historied background, experience, fresh ideas within esports and many logged hours behind the camera.

Olivia will take the lead on high profile projects as our new in-house producer, managing the day to day on the flagship series.

Mike's strong post-production & motion skills will complement our post-production arm along with the world class cinematography skills he’s developed over his 5+ years shooting.



2017 In A Nutshell

Last year 1UP spent our time building the Team Liquid brand and developing diverse content across multiple esports. We dove head first into Smash Bros content with pieces like “Liquid Fire”, “Hungrybox Fighting”, and “Hungry as F*ck” (one of my favorites). While continue to still develop content in CS:GO with “America’s Team” and a slew of content in League of Legends with “SQUAD”, our Halloween Horror Skits, and the ever-so-famous Korea Vlogs (too shocking for reddit!).

The project that I am the most proud of last year has to be “Champions”. I have expressed this a few times on social media but my relationship with Dota 2 as an esport is very special. It was the esport that finally made “sports” fandom click. Since then telling the story of a team that took home the Aegis has been a huge goal for me. Telling the story of one of the most dominant Dota 2 teams in history was an honor and something that I will never take for granted.

“Champions” is something that I hold in my personal trophy case. The hours that went into developing the style, theme, narrative, and aesthetic of the show will forever stick with me. It was truly a special time filled with many ups and downs, but I will never forget the long nights spent working with Ian, Gabe, and Logan.



The next week, we plan to spend time moving into our new space at the facility and boy am I more than excited! We are super thankful to continue being trusted with the Team Liquid brand and gaining the ability to scale our team.. The amount of investments into 1UP Studios have made into our success astronomical and I cannot thank them enough. Partnering with Alienware on the technology side gives us access to some insane gear. I mean that 38" UltraSharp display will blow your mind... I am still recovering. 



Content Coming into 2018

What is in store for 2018? Big Changes! In the coming months we will unveil the content plan that we have for League of Legends, CSGO, Dota 2, and the various other esports that Liquid fields. I can already promise you the release of League of Legends content in the immediate weeks. SQUAD will kick off in the next week, we’ll squeeze vlogs into the content schedule, and you can expect additional fun content hitting our social channels throughout the season.

Thank you for supporting both 1UP Studios and Team Liquid as we work to raise the bar even higher in 2018.

Damian Estrada