1UP Studios, an esports and gaming video production company, is looking for a well-rounded cinematographer / DP to join the team! 

Candidates will be expected to think on their toes, be a self-starter, work within tight deadlines, contribute their vision to the company, and not need training. This is not an entry level job.

Start Date:

Job Duties: 
You'll work onsite in Los Angeles with the 1UP Studios creative team. The role is very unpredictable when it comes to locations and projects. One week you could be following a League of Legends team in Santa Monica and the following week could have you placed in the UK filming feature spots for a tournament organizer.

The ideal candidate is proficient with:

  • Sony camera workflows (FS7, FS5, A7SII, A7RII)
  • Understand what LOG, LUTs, and RAW are
  • Lighting Techniques (for interviews and cinematic moments)
  • Core fundamentals of filmmaking (white balance, color temperature, pulling focus etc.)
  • Using stabilizers, gimbals, dollies etc.
  • Producing / Directing on camera talent
  • Developing creative concepts in a team and solo environment
  • Knowledge of Adobe post production workflow / basic editing is a plus


  • Must have minimum 2 years experience working in the film and entertainment industry
  • Must be living in the LA area or willing to relocate
  • Esports & gaming knowledge is a plus but not required
  • Comfortable with receiving feedback
  • Willingness to work in a team environment and hand projects to other producers/editors/shooters if needed
  • Develop ones personal shooting style while being adaptable to the projects needs
  • Light footed; Willing to travel to necessary events around the globe


  • Meals are provided during the work week for onsite employees
  • Tons of travel! If you like to travel this is likely the gig for you. You will be traveling on a per-project basis
  • Nearly unlimited supply of Monster!
  • Full-time employees - Gym membership
  • Full-time employees - Flexible time off policy
  • Full-time employees - Medical Benefits

If you have a love for film making and a passion for gaming, then this job might be perfect for you.
You can also view samples of our work here

Application Guidelines:

Please fill out the form below! Make sure to include a link to your resume, show reel, and cover letter. We highly suggest that you not sleep on applying to the position. We work in a fast paced industry and time of the essence.

We value personality and culture fit at 1UP Studios. Someone with a laid back personality that knows how to be professional at the drop of a dime is the perfect person for the job. We want to create world class content and push the boundaries of esports and gaming content.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please fill out the form & Questionnaire below! 

Name *
First & Last Name - Role Applying For
Please include a link to your show reel, resume, and anything else you wish to add!
Who is your favorite director and why? What about this person inspires you? Have you ever taken direct inspiration and applied it to your work?
Who is your favorite cinematographer and why? Similar to above, has their work inspired you and if so how?
Lens kits are a super important focus when it comes to creating a diverse piece of content. What lenses have you used that have helped drive a narrative or story? What lenses do you consider the best for what we do?
Do you shoot with Canon, Sony, REDs, Black Magic? While we do use primarily Sony cameras at 1UP it is always good to know someones past user experiences? (IE: We have roots in GH4 & BlackMagic)
What project are you most proud of and why? Please include link (if possible) so we can appreciate your work.
What are you amazing at? Do your gimbal skills kill off the competition? Drone skills on point? Do you happen to be a god at pulling focus? What about you separates you from the rest?
It is always important to identify your weaknesses in order to improve and build on your skill set. What is an area that you would like to work on building?
What is your favorite game to watch? What is your favorite game to create content for? What got you into esports?
What about the company makes you want to join?

1up studios - los angeles, ca