Video Editor

1UP Studios is looking to add a world class editor to our roster of talented staff. The position will be full-time out of our new facility in Santa Monica, CA. This position has a primary focus on Esports and gaming content. Projects range from commercials and skits to narrative storytelling, montage, editing, and more. We're looking for someone who is dedicated to the art of editing, not a videographer that edits on the side. Candidates should be constantly in the editing bay behind the keyboard cutting the next great piece that will blow the competition away. The editor's work will offer varying levels of creative freedom--from uninhibited expression to strict sets of rules and guidelines. You must be flexible on this, otherwise this might not be the gig for you.

Start Date:

You will:

  • Edit video content for our growing slate of projects (both internal and external).

  • Edit cutdowns, sizzle reels, development pitches, and other internal projects.

  • Provide basic video finishing, audio mixing, color grading, and graphics.

  • Work closely with Director of Post Production in a fluid and timely manner. There should never be creative roadblocks that prevent a project from wrapping.

  • Communicate with clients including sponsors, directors, producers, and team management to achieve a finished product that fits their vision and requests.

  • Keep learning! We do our best to provide resources for our employees to learn while working at 1UP Studios. It’s important to keep your craft sharp.

  • Assist on video production shoots as needed.

    • Run audio for in house shoots

    • Monitor a second camera

    • Assist with lighting setups for complicated shoots

    • Take photos for social media (1UP and Team Liquid)


  • Must be available to work in office at our Santa Monica, CA location. Office hours typically range from 11AM - 7PM Monday-Friday but will frequently shift to weekends and past 7PM based on project needs.

  • You will find yourself editing multiple projects during any given week and must to be nimble enough to jump from project to project as needed.

  • Expert knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud programs, YouTube backend tools, and social media video formats.

  • Knowledge of Davinci Resolve, Live production equipment, audio equipment, live streaming software, and 3rd party post production plugins is a bonus.

  • Willing to learn network drives, network servers, FTPs, and cloud storage.

  • Deep understanding of post production technology such as video codecs, transcoding, and media management.

  • Ability to find and select project appropriate tracks from various music libraries.

  • Comedic timing is a must when it comes to skits, stream cutdowns, and commercials.

  • A genuine interest in esports, gaming, and its rich history.

  • Strong communication skills and an ability collaborate in a positive manner with clients, managers, producers, stakeholders, sponsors, and assistant editors.

  • Top notch organizational skills


  • Meals are provided during the work week for onsite employees
  • Some travel! Some projects require international travel (and a current passport!)
  • Nearly unlimited supply of Monster!
  • Full-time employees - Gym membership
  • Full-time employees - Flexible time off policy
  • Full-time employees - Medical Benefits

If you have a love for filmmaking and a passion for gaming, then this job might be perfect for you.
You can view samples of our work here

Application Guidelines:

Please fill out the form below! Make sure to include a link to your resume, show reel, and cover letter. We highly suggest that you not sleep on applying for this position. We work in a fast paced industry and time is of the essence.

We value personality and cultural fit at 1UP Studios. Someone with a laid back personality that knows how to be professional at the drop of a dime is the perfect person for the job. We strive to create world class work and push the boundaries of esports and gaming content.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please fill out the form & Questionnaire below! 

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