What we do best

1UP Studios was founded by gamers to solve the disconnection between marketing and audiences within our space. We understand gaming and Esports better than anyone else.
Authenticity and quality built our foundation, and they remain visible in our work.



Social Media advertising, sponsored shorts, or just something for yourself  
We've got you covered.
We care about brand identity as much as you do. Let's work together through high quality, dynamic, and effective advertisements.


We've earned a reputation in the space as the kings of documentary style film making.
There are so many stories to be told, we want to tell them in the best way possible.
Give your fan base a glimpse into the inner workings of your organization with a beautifully crafted docu-series.


Whether it's a player, product, or sponsor, we want to make your announcement special.
A simple tweet won't cut it.
Instead, let 1UP Studios create an announcement video that builds excitement and emotional investment from your fans.


Fans are constantly searching for reasons to love their team.
Give them as many as possible.
We can provide the content that brings your audience closer to their favorite players, and in turn their new favorite team.


1UP Studios, to date, has been the only esports production company to produce a feature length documentary following a competative team.

Let us tell your story. Let us make your movie.