Ian Sansavera - Director of Post Production

Multimedia junkie, dog lover, coffee enthusiast, and Director of Post Production at 1UP Studios. Ian wears many hats... Physically and metaphorically. Early on, he decided to turn his passion for filmmaking into a career after being mildly YouTube famous in the early 2000’s. In 2010 he moved to Los Angeles where he put his education in television production from Columbia Chicago to work. 

Ian landed at 1UP Studios to help take the lead on pushing the global boundaries of Esports and video game content. Prior to 1UP, he worked with companies such as CBS, Spike TV, The Fine Brothers, and Quest Nutrition, among others.


Alex Monaghan - Assistant Video Editor

Having grown up in Seattle and Beijing then graduating from Emerson College in Boston, Alex ultimately moved to LA to pursue a career in Motion Design and Editing. Following a year of freelance and some time at Blitz Esports, Alex now works at 1UP as a full time editor. He hopes to bring his love for film and animation to the eSports world.


Connor Tapp - Assistant Video Editor

Whether it’s sports or esports, Connor is always watching, playing, or creating. For the past 10 years he has been making content on YouTube from video game montages/gameplay to IRL content. After 3 years of pursuing a degree in Bio-Medical Sciences at MNSU, Connor decided to pursue his passions in filmmaking and esports and move from small-town Minnesota to LA to put his talents to work at 1UP Studios.

Connor’s favorite teams are the Minnesota Vikings and Team Liquid. Connor played football, basketball, and ran track in high school and continues to stay active. He is a peak Gold 3 Taliyah main, and has racked up dozens of victories on Fortnite. It’s safe to say he won’t go pro anytime soon, but he’s happy to be a part of the community and create professional, innovative content that will push esports media to its limits.


Kevin Haube - Photographer

From the beginning of time, Kevin has always been an inquisitive soul, striving to learn as much as possible. After many avenues traveled, including music, computer science, and fitness, he found photography and video production and fell in love. It combined all of the best parts of his passions:  the emotion of music, the attention to detail of programming, and the dedication and perseverance of fitness.

Having achieved his goal of working at 1UP Studios, Kevin now looks towards the future. He strives to evoke raw emotions from his viewers, document the greatest moments in esports history, and along the way, teach others how to do the same.


Myles Tennell - Associate Producer

Myles Tennell is a passionate and dedicated designer with a love for all things creative. A graduate of ArtCenter College of Design with a focus on film, he strives to develop content that expresses a clear and innovative vision.

Besides his love for film and cinematography, Myles is passionate about graphic design, gaming and sports.



Caroline Parker -Stark - Camera Operator

Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, Caroline feels right at home at 1UP Studios as a camera woman. Creating content in esports is refreshing and enjoyable for her because it brings together two worlds she knows and loves, filmmaking and gaming. This exciting new era in her career started after working at Riot Games as an AC with the Esports Features team. Caroline is completing her final semester at Art Center College of Design as a Cinematography major, and aspires to be a Director of Photography in the future.

When she is not on set she is usually researching the latest camera tech, and plotting her next video project. She is inspired by shows on HBO and notably films by Marvel, Studio Laika, and Studio Ghibli. Caroline currently owns 5 editions of Skyrim (yikes) and plays a number other games in her free time such as Overwatch, Fortnite and League of Legends. She cherishes her mug and figure collection that she has acquired over a lifetime of nerdom.

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Mike Milanov - COO

Mike Milanov is the Chief Operating Officer of Team Liquid, and his experience and expertise throughout various segments in the industry has proven vital in the organization's evolution into a modern media enterprise. With a diverse background in video production, influencer management, sales, and online streaming, Milanov is able to unify the distinct parts that comprise Team Liquid into an efficient and dynamic whole. His daily responsibilities encompass more than just the day-to-day operation of the team's business units; he is tasked with searching for new opportunities in a rapidly growing industry.

Team Liquid has become a global organization and the world's biggest esports team through his foresight and brand-building capabilities, and his goal is to cultivate an institution that is creating the future of media. When Milanov is not on a plane, pitching to sponsors, or meeting with clients, he enjoys streaming as #ThixNation in order to keep in touch with the communities and cultures of the games that he loves.

Damian Estrada - Creative Director

Damian does not like to be defined by his time at LA Film School or his hands on experience working at Nickelodeon. Damian prefers to be defined by his horrible ingame mechanics and decent taste in shoes. Over the last four years Damian has somehow managed to captivate the esports audience with his work on various projects: Rebirth, Breaking Point, Faith - A Doublelift Story, and Rivals.

Damian maintains a strong focus on narrative documentary content and has pushed the boundaries of team content.