Alienware mouse E3 announcement

Featuring Team Dignitas' CSGO Female team, 1UP created a product announcement for Alienware's new Elite Gaming Mouse. While highlighting the talent's skill, we were able to display different aspects of the product which were noted as valuable selling points by our client. 

With a quick turnaround time, Alienware was able to display this video at their booth at E3 as well as use it to bolster an audience to test their products at the event. 

1up studios views the threadripper

Our creative director Damian Estrada was invited by Alienware to E3 to test and learn about their new Area 51 Threadripper Edition.

This deliverable for Alienware showcased the streaming/gaming/video rendering capabilities of their new system. It was important to maintain high quality audio in an otherwise very loud and noisy expo.

alienware x team liquid "gear up" - skit


Gear up. Summer is coming.

Reignover needs help carrying all of the Team Liquid Alienware Gear and hands Lourlo just the backpack to do it! Unfortunately he forgets that even if they all fit in there, he has to be able to carry it! 

A quick turnaround Team Liquid deliverable adds a level of humor to Alienware's Summer Promotion. Adding in three talented League of Lengends players enticed the viewers to watch until the end. 


brisk rocket league championship

Brisk partnered with the Rocket League Championship to promote their new Half - Half Watermelon Lemonade drink and to support the esports scene. The dialogue from casters James and Gibbs adds a level of fun to these three tailored advertisements.

We knew the use of familiar talent was crucial to connecting with Rocket League's growing audience. On top of this, our set design brought a lot of flavor and bright colors to the shorts while connecting directly to the new Brisk drink. As the ads were played numerous times during the tournament, it was necessary to make three totally separate spots to avoid viewer fatigue.

Brisk pre-roll ad 1

James and Gibbs banter about what eactly is Brisk's new Watermelon Lemonade drink. Unfortunately for Gibbs, it was all a ploy to steal the drink!

brisk pre-roll ad 2

Gibbs has a favor for James. Stuck in a game of Rocket League, he's quenched and in need of more Brisk Watermelon Lemonade from 7-11. 

brisk pre-roll ad 3

Gibbs can't decide which topper to use on his in game car. James uses this as a means to quickly steal Gibbs' Brisk drink!


XFINITY PROFiles: Life Of A Genius

XFINITY brings you "Life of a Genius". See an entirely new side of Evil Geniuses' Dota 2 team as they start down the road to the Kiev Major 2017. XFINITY PROFiles is an in-depth video series with some of gaming's biggest personalities.

LOG Ep1 Thumbnail.jpg

Champions: The International 7 - Episode 1

After an 8th place finish at TI6, Team Liquid Dota look to become TI7 champions with the addition of GH and Miracle-. Follow Kuroky, MATUMBAMAN, Miracle-, MinD_ContRoL, and GH on their journey to become champions.

Champions: The International 7 - Episode 2

A devastating loss to Invictus Gaming left Team Liquid Dota in the loser's bracket to fight for their lives, but nothing will stand in their way on the way to the top of TI7. Follow Kuroky, MATUMBAMAN, Miracle-, MinD_ContRoL, and GH on their journey to become champions.


Liquid Dota 2 | Champions: ESL One Hamburg - Episode 3

After an incredible TI win and another 1st place finish at Starladder, Team Liquid looks to continue their unstoppable run at the first post TI Major; ESL One Hamburg. 



America's Team is a premiere Counter Strike - Global Offensive series that follows Team Liquid's CSGO team as they compete in tournaments around the world. With immense pressure on their shoulder's to be the best team not only in America but in the world the team will have to go through really high high's and low low's as they figure out what it takes to be America's Team. 

A CSGO Documentary that focuses on the in's and out's of a top tier csgo team. Shot on the fly documentary style there is very little buffer between what is shot and what is seen by the audience. This raw footage gives a unique inside look that is hardly seen by the public. 


Team liquid's SQUAD

SQUAD follows competitive League of Legends team "Team Liquid" as they look to take the NALCS by storm. Coming off of a less than ideal last season Liquid has invested in top hitting talent such as Reignover to push their team to the top of the standings. Unfortunately things take a dramatic turn as their record after the first few weeks weren't up to standard. 

As the season continues to falter Team Liquid shakes up their roster in hopes to salvage their season. As desperation sets in to get out of last place, they bring in Doublelift NA LCS veteran to fight their way out of the relegation spot. Watch as a roster which was built off of team work and synergy fight to keep their spot in the NA LCS. 


Our ADC is PI-glitching out!

Piglet has been running slow lately, even glitching out when he attempted to make a PP&J. Luckily for him Matt knew he hadn't installed his new Ballistix ram, once installed Piglet is back to top shape! Unfortunately, Lourlo might be having the same issue.

Pi-Glitching is sponsorship announcement which had a quick turnaround. The use of three well known League of Legends players in this short introduced fans to the Ballistix X Team Liquid partnership in a fun and memorable way.

Life is a Beach! 

Team Liquid's League of Legends team is at it again. This time Dardoch helps Mickey find a true tropical paradise by installing Ballistix RAM!

Players are the first point of connection between esports fans and their favorite team. Life is a Beach allowed us to leverage this connection and turn an ad into a light-hearted and fan focused skit.  


Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 12.00.17 AM.png

Hungry as fuck

One of the most outspoken players in Super Smash Brothers, Hungrybox is a personality like no other. His enthusiasm for food shines in his show "Hungry as Fuck" where we follow him on his journey to different locations around the world and watch him experience their best cuisine. 

Hungrybox's charisma and personality has captured his fans, while his love for the game and food give them a point of connection to their favorite player. Hungry As Fuck aims to bring Hbox's enthusiasm for food to life with a fun pace and supporting graphics that keep these shorts watchable for every type of fan. 


Los Angeles Food trucks

The premiere episode of Hungry as Fuck pits Hungrybox against the food trucks of Los Angeles! Filled with quality commentary and matching on screen effects, Hbox's reviews let his fans learn a little more about his taste and have a laugh along the way.

On the fly, multi-cam shooting with heavy on screen graphics were necessary to keep a 13 minute food review on Youtube engaging and entertaining. 



Hungrybox visits Honeymee in California where his love of both icecream and honey come together. 

A quick cut of excess footage from HAF: LA, the Honeymee visit was repurposed to serve as a quick review to appease the fans until Episode 2 released. In this way, it doubled as a trailer/announcement for Episode 2 as well.